Update on Cobra future?

Hi Guys,

I’m back after 9 months off (a lot of work and no time to spend on the cobra development)

Now I see a new set of products, the gadgeteers, and much less extensions for the Cobra that I have bought a bit more than a year ago. Now, there is only one type of display available and it’s “on sale”, and I see the Cobra only available “on demand”…

Does it mean that the cobra product line and options are end of life ?

Will we still have displays available when the sale is over on the existing display ? can we use other types of displays ?

Thanks for the clarification.


Gadgeteer is the future. :slight_smile:

If you want a screen for your Cobra, get it now. There are no promises for the future.

You could use other types of TFT displays, but wiring could be a bit difficult.

The EMX module, which the Cobra uses, is also used by the Gadgeteer Spider mainboard,
so software support will continue. MF 4.2 support for the Cobra is in the latest Beta SDK.