Update firmware boards with TinyClr

Boards must have correct bootloader to do it.

FEZ Cerberus

FEZ Spider I (EMX)


FEZ Spider II (G120)


How to install bootloader 2.0x on it from scratch
And to downgrade to earlier .Net Microframewoek 4.3.1

FEZ Spider II



Brainpad (new FEZCLR)
Very easy with firmware update ! :grinning:


Look Maa’ the software update is so easy! :nerd:


Indeed ! After try this feature, I try with other board and many works like that. Good job.

I was thinking : if tinyclr config can be include in vsix, it would be very easy to have all tool in VS2017.

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We didn’t say we are done :wink: this will surely go right into VS in the future. At least this is the current plan.


Im liking TinyClr Config, glad to see an update to the old FEZ config, it was getting a bit clunky…
So good to see some updated tooling, makes experience much better

I don’t have said, you have said that :joy: It was just a thought I have when trying this feature. And if I don’t already said that: very job !

Hi, I’m having difficulties updating a Panda II to the correct boot loader and firmware. I managed somehow to load bad firmware, and now when I boot it into loader mode, it shows up as a COM port (GHI Bootloader Interface). I can connect with TeraTerm, but it shows that the boot loader is V1.07. The USBizi page (see image background) talks about Flash Magic, but does not mention how and what to load, just to erase all flash. Also, I haven’t done “Unlock This device!”. Will Flash Magic fail if I haven’t unlocked it first?
Thanks for any and all hints.

I’d say you need to follow the instructions. Use the “Unlock This device!” text in BL and then use Flash Magic. Why deviate from what GHI are telling you to do?