Update Failed!

I Followed the instructions on the GHI support page to download the gadgeteer 4.2 SDK(and related downloads). I installed them in the order specified. After the SDKs were installed and Setup Prompted me to update the firmware in my FEZ Spider Device, It said it successfully erased and then installed TinyBooter. It then Rebooted the device. The device displayed:

TinyBooter V4.2.0.0
EMX Build Date:
Oct 24 2012 13:43:11

Then the setup program displayed the message “Update Failed!” and tells me to “Start Over”. I have reproduced this behavior several times… Why is the update failing?

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See if the bold type in this posting helps http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=9388

Start the update again. When you get the failure message, go to the device
manager and find the GHI device which had the driver load failure.
Manually install the driver and then start the update again.

It should now succeed.

Thanks! I had seen this post before, but was not able to figure out how to manually install the drivers. I went to try again, and it said it was automatically installing them! Worked great!