Unused gadgeteer port pins


I’m new on gadgeteer. I started to use Mountaineer Ethernet board. How can i use unused gadgeteer port pins in my project. For example when i used a U port device how can i use free GPIO pins on U port.


There is an extender module that you can use to tap in to a socket pins.

I also encountered a similar dilemma when I had no more spare sockets available on my Cerberus board.

To solve that I started to always get the original source code for the modules I’m using and then include that in my project rather than just using the references to the pre-built libraries. That way I have full control over what the module does and can easily use any of the spare pins on a socket.

I also found that on some modules you can easily use two modules on the same socket. For example I do that with a Digital Compass and a Accelerometer modules. Both are I2C and by making a small modification to the source code I not use both on the same socket. (Oh, and of course it required a bit of hardware modification as well to make a small I2C splitter board for myself.)

Using the original source code also give a good insight into how to use the pins that your are interested in. For example to control the three digital lines like you asked about, I would look at the source code for the LED7C module as it uses those same lines to toggle the red, blue and green LED’s on or off.

Just in case you did not know where to get the source code, here is a link to the source code of the LED7C: