Unresponsive spider

This is a new one on me.

Just came back from my trip to Remond, and my FEZ Spider is no longer recognized by my PC. It doesn’t show up in MFDeploy or Visual Studio. I’m powering over the same USB connection (powered hub) I used before I went away.

[ulist]When plugged in, all the right lights light up (including on any attached modules).
Dip switches are all pointed in the direction of the reset button.
I tried disconnecting everything, also resetting the board using the button and also by disconnecting and reconnecting USB
When I reconnect the display, it shows the default information (version, IP etc.) as normal, so the main board isn’t destroyed[/ulist]



when all else fails… did you reboot the PC?

LEDs are lit?

I hate doing that. I always have so much stuff open.

I will if all else fails.



[ulist]Red Power LED on power module: yes
Red Power LED on Spider: yes[/ulist]

It’s still running the last program from my demo at the symposium, even. When I press a button, the multicolor LED lights up.


What does Device Manager show? By default it should have established connection as the debuggable .Net device.

Ok, looks like I have a dead USB port on my hub, or a dead cable. It’s sending power, but switching to a different cable made the device work.

It would be strange for a cable to “go bad”. Odd.

Thanks all.


If i recall correctly GHI had once a problem with a batch of USB cables. I think because USB cables are so popular and manufactured in great numbers the quality can differ.

Yeah. This is one I’ve had for some time. I don’t recall the source. The connector looks fine. Like I said, odd for it to go bad.

I’ll need to check the port on the hub as well in case that died or something.


The same thing happened to me before, apparently this happens if you unplug the spider from the dp client and plug another device (hydra) while keeping it plugged in to the same exact USB port. things starts to go wrong…so now anytime i switch boards I tend to switch the USB port as well.

Ive had the same issue. Mine was down to cable length. The longer cable i have works fine with a blackberry and other devices but refuses to work with my spider.