Unread messages always go to the first page

I have been expecting someone else to bring this up - maybe I missed it.

When I click on a topic in my list of unread posts, it now always takes me to the first post in the thread no matter how many times I have viewed that thread. It used to take us to the next unread message in the thread.

I actually mentioned this about 3 minutes before you did :smiley: Its driving me crazy!


@ ianlee74 - Complaining in multiple places doesn’t make the fix any faster, :wink: however for Bob we will do it right away! ;D

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Thanks, Bob! I’m glad somebody in this thread can get something done :wink:

@ Gary - enjoy your lunch.

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@ ianlee74 - I will shortly…lol

Which list are you on?

When @ Gary starts a new list, before anything else he just automatically adds my name to the top… :wink:

EDIT: Well, not ALL lists are like that… Exclude his Christmas list. :’(

That’s not true or maybe it is, with all these lists on post-its, who can tell anymore! :wall:

Thanks to Bob, this has been fixed and you should be all set, unless your username is “ianlee74”. ;D


Thanks, @ Josh!

Thanks guys! Works great for me.

Working as expected on desktop, but still seeing the old (bad) behavior on mobile (Windows Phone 8.1 update).