Universal Gadgeteer display adapter

We have been working on this adapter board that allows users to connect Newhaven displays http://newhavendisplay.com/ to any Gadgeteer main board. See images for examples but note how the adapter board can also be mounted on the back of the LCD.

We are looking for feedback as we are trying to keep this as universal as possible.

These displays should be supported but this is still a prototype (7", 5", 4.3" with options of capacitive or resistive)



Any chance it could support non-Newhaven displays?

If the connectors are close and the display is easily available then yes.

Will any of these (first three) will work?
[url]TFT LCD Display Module Touch Screen

I think you pointed this our before and when I checked they were way off. Will check again.

Is it just cost that you are looking for?

@ Gus - It is personal, I don’t like Newhaven :slight_smile:

Did you really mean that?!

@ Gus - Yes, I did. I have had a bad experience with this company and I am not going to spend my money on their products again (unless, of course, there is absolutely no other choice).

Any price indicated?

@ njbuch - we didn’t look into it but should be very cheap, maybe under $20.

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@ Gus - I love the idea of a Universal Display Adapter that would work with multiple size displays. Provides flexibility on budget and size. Good call, IMO, though it may be that for Gadgeteer, the need to source the display separately could provide a significant barrier for newbies, unless you decide to start stocking some of the Newhaven displays so folks can order their size of choice alongside the adapter.

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Much needed! I would have loved to buy lots of these a long time ago. I just dropped a bunch of money on other custom LCD boards off of TurnKeyAssembly. I needed them right away, so I paid for it, and it’ll be worth it in the end. But… they’ve required a fair amount of rework on each board to fix shorts that are on the board. I believe the design is ok, but the traces on the board were connected where they shouldn’t be. Nothing a little over-amperage didn’t fix, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

So… yes, please crank these out.

Which LCD boards? I have both of mine up there and they work fine. I’d be interested to know what the shorts were if these were my design you used? Can you show any images of this please?

@ Dave McLaughlin - It was the 7" boards that I rush ordered. My hardware guy put the boards together and found multiple shorted traces on both 7" boards. He was saying it looked like an issue with a mask during the manufacture. He applied some extra current until those shorts burned off. Your design works great, and I’m very happy to have these boards. They work, and they’re gonna let me demo something to some important folks in a couple weeks. So, I’m happy with them. But I’m less happy with the board manufacturer. The attached crappy pics show a few of these marks.

That’s a relief. Glad to hear that you like them. If your end design is not too secret it would be great to see the final outcome of their use?

I just built a second 7" board to build a test system with and with the G400-D it just whizzes along.

Got a short trip overseas this coming week so I plan to take this and the motherboard and do some coding in the evenings. The display looks awesome and the larger size means bigger touch areas. I am using Glide with this design and it looks good. I am using the FPC connection though.

These are going to be used for remote well monitoring systems as a second generation lower cost unit.

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Oh yeah, I’m happy with your boards and the newhaven displays. They’re pretty. My cp7 didn’t register touches along the top, so I’m happy to have a screen that actually works correctly.

I’d love to share the project & all the GHI stuff I’ve been using for a few years now, but sadly, that’s not up to me. I’ll raise the issue again, b/c it’s neat stuff and I’d love to share.


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I’ll be ordering one of these when the time comes!

Looks great :clap: !

When do you expect this board to be available?
I need a number of 7" displays in a few weeks.
It seems this could help me out.