Universal Compute Modules - UCM TechTalk 050

With a standard like Universal Compute Modules - UCM. You can upgrade your product without changing a single thing on the hardware side.


You’re gonna have to do it all the way down Gus. You’ve got to make a G30 that fits into that SO-DIMM slot.

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Gus, is there a document on hand for the compute module pinout and PCB design with dimensions and thickness etc?

I liked your idea with the OSD3358 module and to get my design to market quicker I might just reuse the G400 based board with the OSD3358 modules.

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Gus you are knocking it out of the park. The Universal Standard is a great idea and I can see how it will lower our costs to market.

For smaller boards for the IOT market, please consider RFM69 and RFM95 LoRa. These low power, long range radios are way better than Wifi when it comes to battery powered units.

I know IOT is not your target market, but it will be a non trivial segment of your bottom line if you embrace it.


We have them internally and will be transferring to http://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/products/ucm/intro.html this week. The new GHI website will also include some info.

Why did you assume so?

Love this model - nicely done! I like that we can develop against the UCM and then re-imagine the host board in an application-specific way. I also VERY much like the 3358 option and the presence of the JTAG pins on the host board, which gives us maximum flexibility for choosing the SW platform.

Is there a timeline for when we might see these in the distributor channels?

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Since the new smaller 3358 package came out would it make a better candidate for a SoM like this?

Everything you see today is the GHI 2.0 plan, which should be completely executed 1/1/2018. But we will be taking several steps towards that meanwhile. The new website this week for example.

I think you guys are seeing we are onto something big for GHI Electronics 2.0 :slight_smile:


All looks verygood from here, and my question was mostly just curiosity about timing, but reading Mr. John Smith’s comment, I am confused. Is there going to be a 3358 UCM or is that not planned?

We somewhat have it but we are discussing options with octavo. Can’t really say more so stay tuned for official announcements please.

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I like the plan. I like the plan a lot.

So I could offer my customers upgrade options to add more capabilities to my product, buy adding a more powerful compute module. Also, a) I don’t have to send the Chinese the modules to stuff on the board, b) they never see the final product so they can’t make it behind my back.

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Why did you assume so?

Well my simple definition of an IOT device is a tiny, super low power (coin cell or a bit bigger with battery life 3-5 yrs) with 1-2 sensors and a long range radio to send data back to a GHI gateway device.

I have not seen that type of board coming out of GHI, but I am ready to see it in GHI 2.0! :slight_smile:

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Any update on this Gus? That link is still empty.

I found a template in the Altium vault for the 200 pin DDR 2.5V PCB design but what I am missing is the PCB thickness as the template is for a 6 layer PCB and I only need to design with 4 layer so need to rework the layer stack to suit.

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Planning on making your own compute module?

Yip. Going to use the 2 OSD modules I have to make a drop in replacement for the G400 so that I can use the same existing design with Linux without creating a new board with the OSD module itself.

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@Dave_McLaughlin with Java ?

Yes. I’ve not touched Kotlin yet. No time to learn something new just now. :slight_smile:

Good idea :wink: