Understanding Board LIMITS (Hydra) DS1820B

Just wondering if there is a way to see the “CPU” utilization or “Memory Utilization”.

When i try to use the ENC28 ethernet module with the Hydra it starts to respond really slowly on buttons events.

I’ve many stuff attached to the board ok… two buttons, 2 RGB led, a character display, 3 DS1820B thermometer captured every 30 seconds, a custom module with 4 digital input (just a classic pull down resistor + a timer that reads this values every 15 seconds) and 4 out put ports that are commanded by some IF codes depending on the themperatures…

I’m pushing too much??

As power i’ve a dual power with 12V 3 A power supply

I’m even wondering if i’m driving bad the DS1820B (i’ve a 1K resistor since the cabling is 3 meter long)

There’s no cpu monitor tools. CPU usage depends on how you have coded your applicaition. Mine is compose of a main big loop and I have inside the loop a debug.print statement to inform how many microsecond since the last iteration.

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@ leforban - Eh but with Gadgeteer you do not have access to any “infinite loop” it’s even driven all this code. I’m wondering how much overhead brings the Gadgeteer framework on top of plain MF