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Under Support, add "Latest Drivers/Firmware"


It could be i just don’t know my way around, but it would be helpful if this were added under the Support menu. That would ideally take you to a page which allows you to select your product and view the latest update for that product.


Or the related forum topic’s DESC in time based on meta tag’s in the forum topic, would be a “nice to have”


Support page already does that. What else do you like to see?


Who is this question directed to? if me, are you referring to this support page:



@ dizzy - Here is my understanding of the process, Gus et al, please correct me if I am wrong.

While the firmware is in beta it is posted and tracked in the ‘Beta’ forum. Once the firmware matures and becomes an official release then it is published on the Support page in the .NET Micro Framework section as the latest version.


You got it. Only experienced users should use the one in beta.


and add the 4.2.xx in the screen, I believe this more clear than a release date.

[EDIT] in


ah, right that’s where i got the latest gadgeteer sdk from last week. is that what you are referring to with regards to the latest cerberus firmware?

just a suggestion, …a ‘non-regular’ would not think of looking under .net micro framework and expect it to include device specific firmware updates. I guess you guys package everything together in that one download, which is good…just not easily realized.
i think customers tend to think of their products and tend to head to their product’s page to get latest drivers and updates…hence the suggestion above.

At the very least, a slight description change on the support landing page would be helpful…from say “.net Micro framework” to maybe “framework and firmware”…or something like that.

…again, only a suggestion…as this is basically an “either you know, or you don’t know” kind of thing (and in my case, i knew, but forgot after being away for a long time).


got it…now :slight_smile:
I think when i read the “Cerberus is now faster”, i assumed it was regarding a new Released version. That thread probably belonged in the beta then if it is referring to beta only. anyway, now i know.


I think the challenge is because the SDK has 4.2.x.y for one board but 4.2.v.w for another, so adding that versioning details isn’t straight forward. I’d certainly support adding the SDK’s version there so that it’s clear and you don’t need to download it to check that, but I can see some challenges to doing the full version


The versions are listed. Click on release notes next to the download.

That page is getting all redone tomorrow by the way.


but I think the ask was, not on a different page (release notes) but on the download page…


Right. This is support issue that has been solved before in various ways. In my opinion the most user/consumer friendly is: Support -> Product -> Version -> {List of files}