Unable to update spider firmware

I have installed the QFE2 and the new software from GHI’s site.
however in the end of the installation when i am selecting the option to update my spider. I am getting a message saying cant connect to mainboard follow manual steps at

I tried to follow the steps given on the above link but after i select all the hex files i get this error message (See pic).

Please advice me how to proceed.

Note. when i tried the hex files from the 4.1 version folder i did not get and error and I was able to successfully upload the firmware, but the 4.2 is giving me trouble.

copy the hex files to a temp folder with no signature files and try to load them. Does it work?

Sorry Gus. Same error :frowning:

When you did manual steps, you did enter GHI loader, use E to erase all, loaded tinybooter from 4.2 folder and then trying to load firmware from 4.2 folder?

Gus i did not erase the previous firmware.
Do you want me to erase and then update the firmware?

I tried erasing it using MFdeploy and updating the firmware. still no luck :frowning:

You need GHI loader erase. Not tinybooter. That is the E command and then load tinybooter using X command. Have you done this?

Sorry Gus I am still new at this.
I downloaded the tera term but when i am creating a new connection. my serial option is disabled. as in the pic.

That is because you do not have the serial port. Flip the 3 switches (not 2 but 3) and check what you see under device manager.

Gus I changed laptop and downloaded the teraterm again. I was able to follow the steps to upload the “TinyBooter.GHI” using the File > Transfer > XMODEM > Send…
After that. when i check it in mf deploy i cannot see my device…
there is nothing when i select the usb option.

I was able to update it :slight_smile: . Now let me test it with a sample application.

ok now new. Problem while deploying my application i get and error saying.
Error 1 Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:Gadgeteer

I have a simple 2 lines of code for multicolored LED.

in my T35 I see
Waiting for Debug comands…

ok good. You can select your device (will be EMX_EMX) from configuration in your project or use the updater this time, which will change the device name to “gadgeteer”.

I recommend you use the “spider updater” and make sure you run the updater from NETMF 4.2 not 4.1 C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK\Firmware Update

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its working now. thanks Gus for all the help and support.