Unable to shutdown the RPI

Are you able to shutdown the RPI running WIndows 10 via the web-interface? Does not work for me. Connecting via PowerShell and issuing the shutdown command does not work either. In both cases the device is only re-starting.

Ok. That’s a known limitation (just got feedback from Pete on Twitter).

Yea, I have that problem. I do the shutdown then watch it until it starts booting and then yank the cord :frowning:

@ ianlee74 - Yepp. I think there is not other way currently.

In this other thread:


there was this post:

[quote]Let me quote Jonathan Tanner from Microsoft:
Technically the rpi2 does not support the typical shutdown. There is however a mechanism to simulate shutdown by halting the subsequent boot which is implemented by Raspbian. That capability is available but did not make it into the currently released build, it should be available in later version in the future[/quote]


@ mtylerjr - Thanks :slight_smile: