Unable to resume from Standby/Hibernate

Our EMX based boards in the field have been pretty much stabilized on SDK for a long time now.
I was looking to update to the latest 4.3 based SDK, but can’t attempt the move until the fault described here is resolved:

However with a couple being prepared to ship to a new site, I saw that the version of 4.2 installed with the latest SDK was now, and i decided to “upgrade” to that. Bad idea! With that firmware installed, the units go into “standby” mode (Hibernate) and refuse to come out when any of the buttons are pressed. Change the firmware back to (identical application code) and it works correctly. This is with code compiled for, if there are any differences?

I think it may have been John who asked me whether I had the other problem with 4.2, or only 4.3, and I said only 4.3. That was before I tried though, so perhaps the hibernation recovery problems had already slipped in by that version?

@ C-Born - To be sure, this is a separate issue from the one you reported in 4.3 with the pins not being restored properly after hibernation?

@ John - Yes, the symptoms are quite different. In the previous one an application built for 4.3 came out of hibernation with uninitialized IO, in this one an application built for 4.2 works with the firmware but fails to come out of hibernation with the firmware.
On the face of it the only common thing is hibernation, but as the actual cause of the first problem was never isolated, it could be a symptom of the same underlying cause.
The only reason I mentioned it was because you asked whether the problem started with 4.3, and as that stage the most recent release of 4.2 I had used was, I said I thought it had.
As it won’t come out of hibernation, I can’t check whether the IO is configured or not!

At this stage I’ll just switch back to, which is working well for me, and try to move straight to 4.3 when the other problem is fixed.

@ C-Born - Thanks, we’ll keep an eye out when we take a look at the 4.3 hibernation bug.