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Clicking on the X doesn’t work. Personally I don’t like the site since it doesn’t associate your core product: Cobra, Rhino, Panda etc.; with the products that you might want to buy to go with that board. Do all the shields work with all the boards? Not clear. The component shield shows only the Fez Panda and Domino as related products. Does that mean it doesn’t work with the Cobra? That’s is what is implied. If all of the peripherals work with all of the boards, then please make that clear.

What you said is correct. FEZ Cobra and FEZ Rhino are completely different than other FEZ boards and no they will not work with shields like Domino and Panda. You understanding is correct. Still, we are adding more info to make this even more clear. Thanks for feedback.

You are also correct about the removal problem, we will fix it right away. By the way, there is another bug I just found, you can’;t change the quantity.

The new website was just release today and we are trying our best to make sure all is perfect.

The cart has been fixed