Un / Select SPI bus during (L) fast DMA writing


it is my first post and I hope that it is the write place among the forum’s topics (if not tell me).

I have an OpenBci card which SD card connection does not work any more… That can happen…

So I would like to repair it with a F40 .

To do that the F40 card, will have to share the SPI bus with the A/D converter and accelerometer of the OpenBci Card.

The data from the A/D are not buffered in the A/D, and I need to read it as soon as it arrives else I lost it…

As a consequence I might have to interrupt the writing to the F40.

My question is : Is it possible to unselect and select again the F40 when a fast writing has been initiated with the “L” command ?

This seems possible from the doc “ALFAT SoC Processor” (page 13) : “SPI_SSEL can be toggled with with every byte or with
every chunk of bytes.”

But since I am not an expert, can you confirm me if it is possible during fast “L” writing?


@ yj -

I think it can be.