uIP question

Hopefully someone reading this uses or has used uIP before, I am running into an issue where I have 2 non pc based ethernet connection sending TCP packets back and forth.

The issue, if I set connection A to only send out 256 bytes of data per packet everything works fine…But if I increase the packets sent from connection A to connection B it will send a few packets and just stop and then the connections will just keep sending alive packets to one another. I tried adjusting the receive buffer size on connection B but it doesnt seem to have any affect.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Users here get networking support from netmf or from GHI so I doubt you will get answers.

Have you tried fez? :slight_smile:

Yeah Gus, I actually have a FEZ Cobra and I have built a custom board using WIZNET and UBizi Chip which II use alot around the lab, but for this project I had little control over the hardware / software used. Which is turing out to be a pain in the a$$, I should have pushed harder for .NET Micro Framework:)

I was just hoping someone might have run into this issue…