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UI library... in progress



I like it! In fact if you’ve inspired me to update my virtual keyboard which has remained largely unchanged since it was introduced last year. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


Glad to help :slight_smile:


Some updates on the Edit Desktop


Very slick. I love it.


Nice. Any chance you can post the code?


The complete source code will be available after I get to test it (on the real thing) and add some more functionality. Hopefully sometime in Q1/2012. It will be an open-source library.
I hope I’ll get my new LCD up and running till then.


that is a pretty slick demo, well done


Very clean, good job!


Thank you all for the appreciations. I hope that by the end of this week I’ll have my EMX board up and running (with a LCD screen). Btw, has anyone used a PSP LCD (LQ043T3DX02) screen before?


Enhancements I made; inspired by yours :smiley:


Nice! Are the gestures working if you have controls? Or do you have a gesture panel?


Gestures work at all times, it’s built into the top layer of the Input Manager.


Here is some progress I’ve made.


Nice job!



Also added RadioButtons and a little demo with all the available desktop switch effects.


Haha nice godFather! Looks like we might have a back and forth inspiring each other. Like those new transitions :wink:


Nice job. What software are you using for your screen capture videos?


I use


And some progress:

-added ListBoxBase (which is highly customizeable and supports inertial scrolling) and the standard ListBox implementation (which only adds multiple selection support).
-added ModalDesktop and a MessageBox implementation (shown when changing styles)
-added Fade effect for style changing.
-also added ComboBox control but it’s now shown in the demo