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UEXT10 connected?!?


Hi all,

According to the Fez Domino brochure, UEXT10 is [italic]not connected[/italic].
If we look to the schematic UEXT10 is connected to pin 113 of the processor.
According to the datasheet of the LPC2388, pin 113 is P0[6], is:

  1. digital I/O
  2. I2SRX_SDA — Receive data for I2S
  3. SSEL1 — Slave Select for SSP1
  4. MAT2[0] — Match output for Timer 2, channel 0
    I have measured it and conclude that it is connected.

Has anyone ever used this UEXT10 pin? And if, for what?

I would like to use it for SPI2, and remap FEZ-Connect to it.
(Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital.UEXT10 is in the library.

Cu, Wim.


Don’t you just use it via FEZ_Pin.Digital.UEXT10?


UEXT10 is connected to a Digital IO. The brochure mentions that it has no secondary feature.


You are right Joe, reading can be like mathematics. :-[

The header of the table mentions “Secondary Features”.

Cu, Wim.


Are there any plans to implement I2S in the GHI framework? Could be useful for audio applications.


Interesting! We will look into it.