UCM Questions

I see three Universal Compute Modules are now available. Pretty exciting.

Development boards are available from suppliers. I have not looked at them but I assume they are available. That seems like something I will want to buy soon along with a display.

Are boards available that accept the UCM modules? Or has this been left to us as an exercise?

Can you point me to the socket that accepts the UCM modules? I may want to build a board with some Gadgeteer sockets.


I had a look at mouser last week and other official suppliers and apparently development board and display are not yet available. :frowning:

Yes and no! We did a last minute change that delayed this till the end of the month. We have upgraded the SDRAM from 16MB to 32MB :slight_smile: you are welcome! We will let you guys know once they are in stock.

Looks like we completely forgot about that! Use this for now please http://www.te.com/usa-en/product-1565917-4.html We will be updating the docs.