UCM Dev Board with UC5550 with Ethernet

I am using UCM Dev Board Rev E with UC5550 Rev C.
UC5550 supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi, but is TinyCLR also supported Ethernet and WiFi? If yes, is there an example how to use?

Thanks, chris

Ethernet is not currently supported in TinyCLR, but it is on our list to investigate. Wi-Fi does work, though we are in the process of creating more docs for it. For now, take a look at https://forums.ghielectronics.com/t/network-samples/21609

Thank you for information.
Is there an appointment or do you know when the ethernet driver is available?

We do not have a timeline at this time.

I have installed preview2 and I try to make a Wi-Fi connection from my UC5550 board but I am not sure how to use exactly. The link above show only an example for FEZ.
Does anyone have an expample for UC5550 board?

Currently my program stopped always when I call:

The code is the same for the UC5550, you just need to update the pins and SPI bus used.

What events do you receive on the IndicationReceived and ErrorReceived events?

I receive no IndicationReceived and no ErrorReceived events.
I am not sure if I used the right pins for UC5550.

        var controller = GpioController.GetDefault();
        var reset = controller.OpenPin(UC5550.GpioPin.PG12);
        var irq = controller.OpenPin(UC5550.GpioPin.PB11); // ??
        var device = SpiController.FromName(UC5550.SpiBus.Spi5).GetDevice(SPWF04SxInterface.GetConnectionSettings(SpiChipSelectType.Gpio, UC5550.GpioPin.PB10));
        wifi = new SPWF04SxInterface(device, irq, reset);

        wifi.IndicationReceived += Wifi_IndicationReceived;
        wifi.ErrorReceived += Wifi_ErrorReceived;

A working example would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Agree. Like a picture is better than 20 pages of theory

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The example in the above-linked thread is known to work on the UC5550 (once you update SPI as you did). The pins you’ve listed are correct.

reset: PG12
irq: PB11
cs: PB10
spi: SPI5

If join keeps failing, just to test, try another access point if you can.

In any case, https://gist.github.com/Arke64/d5439537c76ba67bd28609f31ada4572 has been updated to the latest release.

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Thanks for update of guthub version.
I tried an other access point, but it’s the same. The program stopped at this line:

wifi.JoinNetwork(“mySSID”, “myPassword”);

What version of the Wi-Fi firmware are you running?

How can I find out the Wi-Fi firmware version?

It’s in the messages received by the WIND event on the Wi-Fi object, you can paste the log of them here and we can take a look.