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UCM Dev Board Rev E with UCM 5550 with WiFi


I just received my UCM Dev Board Rev E with UCM 5550 with WiFi and 7 inch display.

I cannot connect to my board. The USB port seems OK but TinyCLR Config does not
see it.

I looked for some documentation on the Dev board on how to enter boot mode but could not find anything. (I am terrible at searches)


HELP- No rush required



If you click on the “Please select a device”, does anything show in the list?


Also, check the USB cable.


Dave and John.
I have done both and tried different USB ports on my PC.

I can ping and receive the ‘Pinging… TinyCLR’ response when using FEZ Config
but not when using TinyCLR Config (All menue items are grayed out).

However the UC5550 driver (WinUsb), shows Device not migrated.

I have removed and reinstalled TinyCLR Config Setup v0.11.0.msi.
Yes, I rebooted my PC between remove and reinstall.

I do not know what OS is installed on the UC5550 as received and did not want
to change anything. I wanted to ask GHI if the TinyCLR firmware changes if using
a UC5550 with/without WiFi.


Don’t use anything NETMF with TinyCLR. If FEZ Config sees the device, that means something is cached on your computer. Uninstall the device in the Device Manager, deleting the driver software if prompted, then restart the device.

The same firmware is used regardless of whether or not the WiFi module is present. If you wish to reflash the board with the latest software, SYS A on the dev board will put the module into the ST DFU mode allowing you to reflash the GHI Bootloader. has information on that.


Thank you for the info! Appreciated…


Just erase that current firmware and load latest TinyCLR firmware.