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"Ucacinubod" user is damaging wiki pages


Spammer on Wiki:

If any of you guys created any content on Wiki and didn’t set notifications, check your pages. That dude has been very “productive” today. :o


Wow…can a spam bot do all that automatically, or did the guy actually have to manually edit each individual page?

Good job cleaning up all those pages Architect…must’ve taken you forever. I think the GHI guys owe you one :slight_smile:


I think it is a bot. Well, I cleaned mine pages and then few more from other users, until I realized that there are ~200 pages affected. :wall: I hate to leave things half way done, so did them all. ;D

It is not that hard you just go to history and click “undo” for a revision in question.

I think wiki admins have ability to do “undo all”.


+500 Architect


Thank you for ths job ! :clap:


good work ! :clap: :clap:


wow … why someone would do that? …


No worries. On wiki, old pages are save so we can revert back

We also monitor a feed from wiki so we see every change

Let us see how we can stop this


Ok we reverted all changes. This is an automated system and so fixing anything will be pointless as the bot will jump back and do it again…plus there was about 370 spams!

We will see how we can make the user account creation more secure.


And he is back - persistent bastard. :naughty:


Because they’re a spam bot?

Besides, they need to make sure everyone knows about their cheap Viagra…


What do you mean back? The wiki should be clean now, right?


Must be some left overs before he was blocked. Just few pages.

Here is one of them


not sure how the automated revert didn’t remove that page! Maybe it only revert changes but not delete created pages!



I have “blanked” the other one.
On that note there are a lot of empty “talk” pages now, just to let you know.


Would having “Trusted” users possible? Lets say you make users Trusted manually, and trusted users can edit pages without any supervision, while if an “untrusted” user adds an edit, that edit would have to be confirmed by an admin for it to go live?


or not be able to edit when you first register? But get this feature after some days or week automatically?


There are many ways of doing it in general.
The problem is - what is available in MediaWiki.


If you guys want to, I could help you out implement that - I might fail badly at c#, but I’m very experienced with mysql php ajax and the rest of it



You can only post on the Wiki if you have more than 10 posts on the forum or code submitted to FEZZer.

This forum is custom, so it is at extremely low risk for spam bots. It’s only common forums like Vb and SMF that are susceptible.

Not botnet programmer is going to waste his time trying to deconstruct the client side posting mechanism on this one-off forum.