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UC Battery 4xAA Module & incorrect Distance US3 readings



Reading the specifications for the UC Battery 4xAA Module and the USB Client DP module they should deliver the same power. When I use the US3 distance module with the Client DP module I get correct readings (between 5 and 250 cm), using the Battery module (with the switch set to USB) I receive incorrect values (max +/- 65 cm). Can anyone advise me what I am missing.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Wilke Jansoone


The distance module is very sensitive to power and can be a bit difficult, which is why wet discontinued it. An idea I have would be to calibrate the sensor depending on the power you have.

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Hello Gus,

Thank you for your swift reply. I understand what you are saying, but according to the specifications on the GHI site the two modules (USB DP client and USB 4AA Battery) should deliver the same power. If not, I should then be able to measure the difference? I did not yet take a thorough look in the module code but I suppose the callibration according to the power source used is not too difficult?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Mrs. WIlke Jansoone



You are right, but I was just referring to the specifications on the GHI web site. From there we would assume that both modules have similar characteristics. Besides the test I performed I with the battery module was with the switch set to USB mode and this should normally behave the same as the USB DP client module. For testing there is no problem using a USB cable, but if I want to use the set up later for more autonomous scenarios the battery module would not provide the necessary output.

Mrs. Wilke Jansoone


A 6V lantern battery might have the ability to deliver the necessary current. You’d need to wire it up to the battery module yourself.

Note that if you do this, I can’t be held responsible for any release of magic smoke. You break it, you buy it.