UAV Quadrocopter - Funny

Hello All,

Just wanted to share this with you guys. He could have used a Fez Cerb to replace the full bown PC.


OMG! I about busted a lung when his four blades of fury went in for the kill. :smiley:

He certainly get’s an A for effort! He’s made me want to go drill a bunch of holes in my copter frame.

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I saw this hours ago and im still laughing. Its the blade that got left that I can’t get over.

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This is so funny, it was almost like a magic trick 'now you see it, you don’t '. minor fail aside, this is a pretty cool project …

I couldn’t believe he had the b*lls or the fingers left to fire it up again. Full points for building his own, but I imagine when his friends come over to watch it fly, they will be dressed in full football gear and hidding behind him.

Lol funny

Idd, and how it positions itself in the center of the view, amazing :slight_smile:

Classic, good on him i reckon.

Ive watched this about 10 times now and still find it funny. I just can’t get over the fact that he didn’t swear when he got a face full o chopper!!


It’s like he forgot to uncomment the PID code in his program.

Yeah, but do you use your foot to keep the table from moving on the drill press?

Na. Usually, I just clamp the piece down to the table with my teeth :smiley:

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@ ianlee74 - lol i would pay to see a video of that :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74 - rofl, that is funny. I can not believe that person did that and without shoes. I bet he was not wearing safety glasses or maybe he was.

Just safety glasses and a cup :slight_smile: Isn’t that all you need when operating shop machinery like this?

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Ianlee in his workshop :wink:

@ Architect - Nice