UAV application development board

For my application I need the large memory RAM and FLASH, I see the EMX Module , good product but I need more CPU frequency.
And then I saw the ChipworkX Module very good module for my application more RAM , FLASH and very good frequency 200Mhz!!! , but I have a problem, the development board is too “big”, big because I need a dev board type arduino o type “FEZ Cobra Mainboard” is perfect this dev board but work only EMX module.
The ChipworkX Development System is no good for my application because i need a essential dev , SD , ETH, USB and only connector for extend. This module has LCD speker ecc , are bulky for my application.

My question is , Is there a dev board type Panda 2 where I can apply this form?

No there is no other development board.
But you can buy the chipworkx module and make your own development board.

It’s perfect, just what I wanted.
when it is available?