UART settings for MIDI

I’d like to import MIDI data to the UART.
Following the schema at Specs should be very easy to implement, but the problem migth be the serial setting.

Midi uses a serial asychronous protocol, running at 31,250 baud. It sends a 10-bit frame consisting of a start bit, 8 bits of data (from LSB to MSB), and a stop bit.

Using NETMF (with the emulator) give me an error if I set a baud rate that has a non-standard value, and more than this I have no idea on how to set the start bit.

Is it possible to resolve this issue or I have to give up with NETMF and use some different approach ?

You can set FEZ to almost any baud rate that you may need
Here is some code

You can’t configure the startbit. A serial byte always start with one startbit.

The baudrate should work on a real device, I use a baudrate of 56000, which is not standard too.

Many thanks for the replies, tomorrow I’ll buy the Fez mini and join the party :wink: