UART on G120 boards

I need to manage hardware handshake on UART.
I see on the G120HDR schematics that COM1 is chip UART 0 that can’t hw handshake. Chip UART 1 is hw capable but I don’t understand the G120HDR firmware on which pin maps the CTS/DTR/RTS signals.
I see that handshake signals are labelled on schematic on pin P2[2], P2[7], P2[5] and RXD1 is on P0[6] and TXD1 on P2[0]. Is firmware mapping the signals on correct pins when COM2 (UART1) is initialized ?
As side effect I think that some pins may conflict with LCD signals, not important for me becouse I won’t use LCD.

I can be mistaken, but I remember something about “not implemented yet”.

@ Architect - you may be right… Don’t let me cry… I will check hw … I hope …

@ dobova

To which schematic are you referring? If you look at the G120 brochure (found here:, the Handshaking pins for COM 2 are on P0_17 (CTS) and P0_6 (RTS) and the RX is on P0_16 and TX is on P2_0.

On the G120HDR all of the pins are near each other on the right header row (If looking at it from the back with the pin labels) about the middle of the header row. They are not shared with the LCD. Only COM 5 and some PWM pins are shared with the LCD.

@ Aron - Ok it’s clear now. Thanks

Damn I was looking on NXP datasheet crossing with G120HDR and I missed P0 mapping of UART1 (COM2).
I will connect wires on HDR user socket and see.