Uart at 921,600 Baud

-I am using baud rate 921,600 on COM2. You had to fix something on EMX ( I guess it is the clock divider)
If I just loop back the Tx/Rx I get my message back. But it is not able to communicate to my DSP sub system.
Would you please check at your end

I do not think fractional divider is available on the processor used on ChipworkX. This means the processor clock may not work accurately with 921600. The easiest way to solve this is by changing the baud rate to something that can work well the clock. I mean use 100000 for baud.

We will look into this more on Monday

Please try this bad rate at your end.

I cannot modify the baud to something other than 921600 bacause it is a standard DSP module which we use in other products also

Any updates please

This was passed on to the core engineers to validate and give us accurate answers

But any updates. Please

I know I am bugging you. But I do not have a choice.

We tested it on COM2 and it is working perfectly. You can connect it to a PC terminal and see the data.
How is it failing? How are you connecting it? Do you a RS232 converter in between and it does support high baudrate?..

I put the DSP board that is working on the EMX and connected it on the ChipX.

All levels are 3.3 V. there is no convertors in between.

Let me see if anything else is going on

Latest firmware?

Yes…it is latest firmware…

I am still stuck and debugging this. It still

We were able to tweek our DSP boards baud rate. So it works now for both EMX and Chips X