uALFAT error 0xBD

Hi my name is Chris and we are developing a device that uses the uALFAT chipset, I have been getting this error code went i try to open the file “0xBD”.

My code procedure as it follows:

1.Turn on chipsets
2.Detect if USB memory stick been plug in.
3.If USB memory stick detected then move to step 4, else move to step 2
4.Mount USB device file "e.g : “O 0A>TEST.TXT \r\n”

We are communicating with the chipset by SPI, we have use the uALFAT USB board before and it work like a charm, and then we decide to intergrate the circuitry into our own motherboard for our application.

What is error 0xBD “HCD J error” and what could the cause to arise this problem and how we could solve it.

I know there the ALFAT chipset that is recomended for new designs, but according to the website is not due till March/April and we need to have the product finish by March the lastest.

Hi Chris,
I just stumbled across your post, as we had the same problem today. In our case there was a fault with the USB memory stick. One of the USB data tracks on the PCB was broken. Hopefully you’ve been able to sort your problem out earlier than this though.