uALFAT-1 firmware

I have a number of assemblies that have the older 3.10 firmware in uALFAT-1 IC. I need the new 3.13 release. Any ideas?

Save locally if you ever need in the future please.

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Thanks. The manual is a little vague on how I can execute it. Do I create a an auto bat file with the LOK in it?

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Any comments on how I get the new firmware into a working system?

Have you looked here? First Bing result “alfat firmware” :wink:

Gus_Issa had already supplied the firmware. The link you show is to the old website. I am asking how to get the new firmware into the IC when it is already installed in a working system. Specifically the LOK or LOU commands.

I know Gus has pointed you to the firmware.
The “old” website has all the documentation you need. Specifically,
has detailed instructions on how to access the bootloader mode (section 4.1) and then update the firmware with teraterm (section 6.3/6.4)

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