Typical hits per month

I googled this but not finding useful info. What is the typical hits per month and unique visitors for a company’s website? I am not talking about the monster websites like amazon and facebook. I mean for websites like sparkfun, adafruit and maybe arduino! I know the answer is “it depends” but what are typical ranges.

@ Gus - Have you taken a look at Google Trends?

The trend searches and web sites. No info on the website trends for www.tinyclr.com or www.ghielectronics.com.

Here is an example for sparkfun and adafruit.

It shows the websites but it doesn’t show how many hits.


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@ Josh, +1 I forgot all about Alexa.

This is not professional as Alexa, but it is funny:


This might be irrelevant but it may help. If your suffering for bandwidth cost there is a free service called Cloudflare, https://www.cloudflare.com/. I use it for my site and it saves lots of bandwidth and protects you from spammers. But it is a reverse proxy so your logs may look different usless you install themod_cloudflare. I use Cloudflare and find it excellent the load times droped significantly.
If you want to see your site viewers there is Google Anylitics which uses javascipt, there are also montly reports and other stuff.
Here are other anylitics that I recommend
Smarter Stats-log based anylitics that runs on the server
Click-javascript limited amout of hit[/ul]
Log based anylitics will allways give you a higher view count because people could have javascript disabled.

This is really useful: javascript obfuscator https://javascript-obfuscator.org/
Have a nice day!