Type "layering" in Arcade MakeCode

It looks like a discussion of Arcade sprites at Forum MakeCode shows multiple layered sprites and maybe sprites over holes? I see that by choosing a red tile and clicking it into position on the sprite design format, you actually place pizza over red tiles with each click, not just red tiles. But, choosing another color, yellow or orange does not include pizza pieces over the colored tiles. https://makecode.com/_JFcdCsY91cr3
I guess you knew about this Greg N. but it is new to me (Arcade newbie).

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Hello Frank,
I’ve been using and setting title maps like this, but haven’t done it the way it is in your code. It appears to keep the transparency of the sprite vs complete overwriting the red block with the pizza sprite.

Here is a game I’m working on that use the image mapping. I’ll have to try populating the map like your code does so I can preserve the transparent parts of the sprite.

Free climber is a good one, Greg. I think the discussion about overlay tiles was to see if you could make “holes” that then could be used like the game of shooting pool where an object or sprite falls into a hole to score a point or lose a point. You are so creative ! I noticed that in your 'Climber" game ; if you install it on Pygamer, as you may have seen, the movement left and right is so sensitive that trying to move with the joystick, just one bale (if that 's what it is) is just about impossible; I always overshoot the space of one bale, too narrow with the joystick. Probably with your arrow buttons you can click rather than joystick slide and it will be more precise. Will try it on BPA next. I did import the Climber into beta Arcade so the joystick would work and that was one complaint of our kids today, that Adafruit console has joystick which only works with Beta Arcade (as of now?) while your BPA works with both standard and beta. Well done on the game; love trying them out. We had a 7 yr old girl who scored way higher this morning on one game than any adults have ever achieved. Is your sprite man legacy or can he be changed out to a princess in the sprite collection? And if legacy, is there a quick way to change that so our little coder can make her own girl sprite?

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He can be changed into anything you want.

Thanks for this Greg. I realize the climber game may not be finished as yet but I couldn’t wait to see if our little 7 yr old girl could change the climber guy into a princess. I tested it and I think this is something she can handle…I promised her yesterday that she could change sprites into other images but didn’t realize that “legacy” is maybe more complex than that, as in the little jumping Mateo game. Now , with yours, she can see how to make climber a princess. But, as you can tell, princess is a little too wide at the beam to squeeze through the maze lines in some places, she’ll have to go on a diet or we’ll make the maze lanes wider. Thanks again ! https://makecode.com/_XoM9JrF61iDR

There is a lot that can be added to the Free Climber Game. You’ll notice the Image map is barely finished. Also There is no collision detection so the goats and bats don’t do anything. Feel free to change or make it anything you want. That’s why we make these games so kids, and adults… can make them their own and see how things can be done.

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