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Two more Gadgeteer modules - Chucky (Wii nunchuk connector), Piezo


Got new boards today. These are really simple modules.


This one will help to add some noise real quick.


A thumb-up :clap:


Now, put all 3 new modules on your spider, make a video and post it here… :clap:

A Poe powered spider that reads Wii controller and make noises!


Wow! You have been busy! Is there going to be a Gadgeteer app store? :wink:


I’ll try to do it sometime when I get a new camera. My old one just died :frowning:



Chucky fits perfectly with the nunchuk.


they say that TDK does amazing things to your sound system; lets hope that piezo brings full 7.1 HT audi to a Gadgeteer board near you ;D


That would be Music Module v 2.0 ;D


When can I order these? Next week?


Welcome to the forum!

That is what I am trying to figure out.

One thing for sure is that all files will be open on the gadgeteer codeplex for non-commercial use, so you should be able to fabricate it yourself same way I did.

To be able to offer it ready to use I need some advise.

  1. What pcb house to use to make and solder all the components
  2. Make them as cheap as possible
  3. What would be safe minimum number to produce

If anyone has experience and can share some advise I will really appreciate it. If you want to contact me privately,my e-mail is on my profile page.


I think Gus knows a ltttle about producing boards. :wink:


Big G has something up his sleeve in regards to supporting community designed pcbs… as hinted at in the FEZ Ant thread. Posting the design files is a good start.


Been called g-man but Big G will do :wall: so funny!


So nonchalant!


These are awesome! Architect you are an inspiration! Where do you get the boards made up?



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