Two G120 modules for sale


I have two brand new G120 modules for sale at discount price.
I build my prototypes based on EMX and was hoping to migrate them to G120, but encountered
some design problems. So I have to stick with EMX and as a result have G120 with no use.
Let me know if you need them.


Just put them up on ebay.

@ SFR75 - given that you have not mentioned a price, or told us where you are located, I am not sure you will get many favorable responses.

@ Mike -

I can ship from both USA and France, since I often travel between two countries.
Price: 60 dollars for two modules.


@ SFR75 - Just the modules not the TH boards or anything?

@ Mr. John Smith -

it looks like this:

(minus the quarter)

If you want them, I can give them to you for 50 bucks+ s/h.
I just don’t need them and I have to pay for EMX
(which are now considerably more expensive for some reason… end of production ?)

yes, EMX are end of life (and have been for a while IIRC).

I also thought G120 is intended to be a drop-in replacement. Have you thought about getting GHI to assist formally to get your design working?

drop in replacement.

@ Brett -

I’m not an expert at all, but I don’t think it’s a drop-in replacement. To begin with, the physical dimensions are different.
Also the guy, who does the prototype had the hard time to rewire the display connector. So if it were that simple…
Unless I miss something ?

@ cyberh0me -

Uhmm… Indeed… I just realized that there is G120 and G120E. And you are right - I was talking about G120.
The guy I’m working with tried to migrate from EMX to G120 (not E!).
So you are saying that G120E is exactly the same thing as EMX in terms of hardware and software ?


@ cyberh0me -

Yes. Ok. So I still have to stick with EMX then :slight_smile:

@ cyberh0me -

well… I have a binary module written for EMX, which is based on FatFS system for fast microSD access.
I don’t have source for it and I worry it won’t work on G120. So I’m not taking chances … )

@ cyberh0me -

Well. Actually I’m not planning mass production, so basically I’m building maximum 4 copies of a small VR unit for artistic purposes.


then as long as you can source enough of the EMX modules at an appropriate price, that is what I would do as well…