Twitter with Gadgeteer

Anyone have Gadgeteer code for send tweets with the current Twitter API, they wouldn’t mind sharing? I’m updating my demo apps for a presentation and my old twitter demo is busted as it use the 1.0 Twitter API.

Code for sending twitter pics would be very handy as well.


I hate to bump this but I’ve got all my other demos updated for an upcoming Gadgeteer presentation except for the twitter stuff, anyone got working code for sending tweets with Gadgeteer they wouldn’t mind sharing?


The only project I’ve written that sends tweets does it via Thingspeak. I send the data to Thingspeak and it then sends me a tweet.

@ ianlee74 I’ve used that as well but really Gadgeteer needs to be able to send tweets directly. Before Twitter changed their API I had devices using private twitter messages and others using public messages and frankly its just good for Gadgeteer exposure to be able to send tweets (think @ mytoaster for example which has 2,423 followers on twitter).

I agree. Unfortunately, I don’t have any code to share for that purpose. I take every chance I can get to avoid implementing OAuth… :wink:

i came across this today, not sure if it helps. Twitter API v1.1 with OAuth - CodeProject

This might help