Twitter Monkey

We need to put a FEZ on him and use FEZ instead :smiley:

Sounds like a project for Chris and me ;D
Chris is the HTTP beast and I am the robotics monkey :smiley:

I was actually thinking about making a Twitter lib for the FEZ…

Already done, just need to be updated

COOL! this just asks for a project, lol.
However I do not know if I have the ability for http, yet :-[

I guess the problem consists in twitters’ new login?

I didn’t look yet, but was the code made by reinventing the wheel or did you base it off a stable .NET Framework project like TweetSharp?

Also, FYI, TweetSharp was used by Twitter to build the Windows Phone 7 Twitter application.

Might not be Twitter but new the new beta for Pyxis (should drop late tonight) has a mini-browser.

Screencap from the emulator: