TV remote (RC5) for driving a FEZ_Cerb

Is it possible to convert the codeshare “TV remote (RC5) for driving a FEZ (Panda)” to an FEZ Cerb40?

Thanks Andreas

I only want to contol 4 relays by a TV remote. The Panda II board is to big for this little projekt.

On my Panda II board the program from Hinnie “TV remote (RC5) for driving a FEZ (Panda)” is working fine.

I try to modify the program to run on my FEZ Cerb40 but i get a lot of error messages.

Is anyone able to help me?

the typ- oder namespacename “FEZ_Components” could not be found (translation german to englisch)

I am a very good plc-programmer (Siemens S7), but C# and object-oriented programming I am a “Newbie”.

I will look for new post tomorrow.

Thanks Andreas

I have a class that will receive and decode Sony, jvc,Sharp, Denon, DirectTv and x10 remotes if you interested. I use the IR receiver module. It works on the spider and hydra.