Tutorials without using Premium Lib?

I have been trying to code the Hydra board. While the tutorials on http://wiki.tinyclr.com are extremely helpful, they are mostly created with the Premium Library in mind. That is, most of the tutorial code requires namespace GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.

Is there another set of tutorial requiring [italic]only [/italic]the OSHW lib, such as GHIElectronics.OSH.NETMF.Hardware?

What specifically did you have in mind? The OSH libraries were designed to be somewhat compatible with the Premium libraries for just this case to where you can use the OSH in place of the Premium.

With coming 4.2, things will be identical for 80% of all core features. Still, gpio, SPI, uart, i2c ate identical today.

Fair enough. Thanks!