Tutorial - play video on an Argon R1

Hi guys
Thought this would be usefull to see. It’s a tutorial on using and Argon R1 to play video off an SD card.

@ HughB - You getting commission? Goes to their Gadgeteer Sensors not a tutorial… :wink:

LOL oops, I was just about to order some of the modules and pasted the wrong link :slight_smile: brains not working too well. Sat in the airport after a week long tradeshow.
Corrected th link now.

Any cool new toys at the show?

Bucket loads. Some new finishing tools form Adobe, Autodesk etc, Quantel did their usual solid demos. One thing that was really nice (on e brief moment I got to go off our stand) was an 83 inch 8k monitor. I’ve never seen anything so crisp in my life. Lots and lots of new things but nothing other than that monitor really caught my eye.
I spent most of the show demoing news and sports graphics.

[quote=“HughB”] 83 inch 8k monitor.

Bet the sticker price on that was higher than the average GDP of a Banana Republic…

LOL more like 2 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post.

83 inch 8k TVs are so … yesterday … This is what I want!

@ mhectorgato - You Amerikinski’s are so “Bigger is better” :smiley: