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Turn screen off on EMX developpement



I would turn off the display and touch on again when pressing a button.
I saw in the documentation that pin IO63 enables the display but I can not change its value.

Here is my code:

Private OutputPort brocheIO63;

brocheIO63 = new OutputPort (Emx.Pin.IO63, false);

to turn the screen

allumerEcran void ()
brocheIO63.Write (true);


In what document did you see this? I do not think the backlight is shutdown pin is connected to any IO on EMX DevSys. See schematics please


Thank you, but how to change the backlight or turn off the display completely.


There is shutdown pin on the backlight chip. You need to wire this to one of th IOs then you can control it.



I find the previous diagram the pins LED + and LED for backlighting but I do not how it is controlled could you help me?


This requires soldering and hardware experience. If you look at schematics you will see the shutdown pin on the backlight circuit that needs to be connected. Note that this voids the warranty of your board as you are soldering to the board.