Trying to wire 1.77 TFT display to BrainPad: Video

Unusual behavior of .96 OLED depending how wired to BrainPad. Tried the same wiring with 1.77 OLED display but it failed: BrainPad OLED image changes using on-board vs on Breadboard - YouTube

The I2C pins are available in the expansion header. You do not need to go behind the BrainPad and solder wires

But the 1.77 " OLED has many more than 4 pins. Using the G, V, SCL and SDA pins does not work to output the image from BrainPad to 1.77 OLED via the headers. Which additional pins do I use to get an image on the 1.77 " display? and what code to make it work on the BrainPad?

Displays are not compatible. You need the exact same one.