Trying to Glide

It’s been awhile since I did anything with gadgeteer but now I am attempting to put
a keyboard on the touchscreen.

Browsing around, I’ve discovered that I probably should use the Glide assembly
with my Spider and T35 display.

The problem is that I cannot find the assembly (GHI.Glide)…
I updated to .NET Micro Framework 4.3 from 4.2 and expected to see something
but do not see anything related to GHI.Glide.

so am not able to do:
using GHI.Glide;

I notice in the Reference Manager that it shows a list of Extensions such as
GHI.Hardware.EMX, GHI.Premium.Hardware, etc but these are shown as
even though it says Targeting: .NET Micro Framework
Don’t know if that is correct or not, but if there was a later extension, not sure how to get it anyway.

I think probably, I just do not have the right assembly, but don’t know how to get it…


@ dave001 - Hmmmm. The 4.3 GHI SDK no longer has the premium library. Are you sure you properly installed the latest SDK?

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Hello Mike,

I think I did not really install correctly.

I’m trying to uninstall and will try again.

Hopefully it will work…
I will post back in awhile…



I had installed the net micro framework, but not the GHI SDK.

So I installed that and now I can see the Glide assembly ok.

The only thing is I’m a little nervous as I had uninstalled some stuff, so hope all
my old stuff will still work.

I see in the uninstall/change program that now there is only one program from
GHI Electronics -> GHI Electronics NETMF SDK.

Before, there were 5 (ie GHI.NET.Gadgeteer SDK, GHI.FEZ Config, etc)…

Hopefully, that one SDK includes everything I need…

anyway, thanks -