Trying to get Brainpad Scratch to work - iMac, Windows 10 (bootcamp), usb3 ports, and usb3 hub

I am using Windows 10 pro,64 bit on an iMac running bootcamp, i7-4771 cpu @ 3.5Ghz, 32GB memory, all usb3 ports.
I have the Brain Pad .NET Rev 1.1. I have installed VS 2013.
I see two firmware images BrainPad 4.3.7, and BrainPad 4.3.8

The Scratch Gateway, say BrainPad v4.3.7 is installed
Click Deploy, I get:
Deploying BrainPad v4.3.7 to G30_G30

Deploying assemblies…
Incrementally deploying assemblies to device
All assemblies on the device are up to date. No assembly deployment was necessary.
Assemblies successfully deployed to device.
Rebooting device…

On the BrainPad Display, I see:
Scratch4.Net Firmata Server
by Pervasive Digital LLC
Server v1.2.0.0
Protocol v2.4.3
Debug.Deploy Mode enabled (after pressing left button)

Now I try the Scratch 2 Offline Editor,
shift, file click, Select import experimental HTTP extension,
select, BrainPad-437.s2e
create the script as in Figure 11 in The BrainPad Scratch Introduction
press the left buttion and nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?
How does the script get downloaded over the USB cable (on usb3 port)?
Is Windows 10 the problem? USB3 the problem? using a USB3 hub the problem?
I do see a yellow button on the Scripts panel next the “BrainPad Extensions”
When I click on it, it says “No .Net Micro Framework board is connected”
But the BrainPad Red power LED is lit, and the Display has the above text(…Debug.Deploy enabled)

I have not used the brainpad, so I can not address scratch issues.

But, USB3 is often an issue. I would try using a USB2 hub.

You should deploy 4.3.8 (the latest firmware version). You may need to select that in the drop-down list if 4.3.7 is displayed as the default.

There should be no issue running in the configuration you noted (though as noted, USB3 can be an issue). Before trying USB2 though, I would recommend that you open Device Manager, select the COM port for the BrainPad, and choose 15200, 8 bit, No parity, one stop bit as the default configuration for that port. The port will show up in device manager only when the BrainPad is connected and the Scratch Firmware is loaded.

As to your other question, the Scratch firmware is loaded onto the BrainPad when you ‘deploy’. Your Scratch program always runs on the PC - it is not downloaded onto the BrainPad. The Scratch desktop program drives your BrainPad over the serial port (not because I like it that way - that’s just the way Scratch is engineered).

@ mcalsyn - Hello. When I attempt to deploy 4.3.8 I get an error box

Deploying BrainPad v4.3.8 to G30_G30

ERROR : Cannot deploy the selected image to this board.
You must upgrade the board’s firmware to manufacturer’s SDK version 4.3.8

Can you clarify which version of GHI sdk to install?
I see references to 3 different ones (2015, 2016 R1, 2016 R2)