Trying to fix TV

My TV stopped working today. So I am trying to figure out if I can fix it myself. This is the picture of the power board. When I apply the power I hear two relays (at the bottom) clicking on and off with equal intervals. Visually all components look normal. Does anybody have any tips for me where to start troubleshooting this problem or should I just order replacement power board.


No picture?

I think Gus is a TV repair expert.

My late father used to say there were only 2 things he wouldn’t fix:

[ol]A toaster, because it was nearly always cheaper to replace than to fix, and
A color TV, because when they fail, there’s usually more than one thing that goes wrong, and as soon as you fix one thing, you’ve got to chase down the next.[/ol]

Of course, this was before flat screen TVs, and with the big CRT jobs, there was also the issue of components maintaining a sufficient charge to easily stop your heart if you touched the wrong thing (not sure if that has changed with LCDs and Plasmas or not).

Seriously, though. Without knowing for sure that the problem is in the power board, buying a replacement could be completely wasted money.

Is there a reason you suspect the power board, apart from the relay noise? Have you done a search for similar issues for your model of TV?

Sorry. Had some issues with router, finally got back online. Here is the picture

I assume you’ve checked all the fuses already?

Can you probe the output voltages ?

Look at the electrolytes closely. It power is intermittent, changing them helps.

**One of the rails will be high voltage for the backlight !

there’s your problem, there’s no surface mount stuff there ! :wink:

All caps look normal, but voltages I am not sure

According to the diagram on the board all pins that supposed to be 12V show 12.62V. Pins that supposed to be 12.8V also show 12.62V

My father lost 1/2 inch of his finger by working on a CRT TV it just melted away due to the high-voltage. LCD and Plasmas can contain CFL backlights that need a high voltage too, so you better watch out :slight_smile:

I smell an Office Space scene in Architect’s near future… :wink:

@ WouterH - Ouch! Sorry to hear that. This is a LED TV. I did managed to melt a little bit of a pin on one of the connectors while taking output voltages.

@ Architect - What brand TV is it?

Samsung UN40B6000VFXZA

Okay I would double check the caps as I had a Samsung LCD TV were Samsung put in caps that were under voltage in the power supply. Lucky for me it was under warranty.

Thanks Michael.

I am thinking about just upgrading it to a bigger TV :smiley:

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Yes that is a better route. :slight_smile:

I am still going to try to fix this one, but later. It is a really nice TV and we had it only for 3 years.