Trying to buy a USB Client DP Module in order to solve my problem,PLEASE HELP

Hi friends,

I am a complete rookie and have stuck at updating firmware from 4.1 to 4.2, please help.

After hours and hours researching and reading, I guess my problem (Cannot update firmware from 4.1 to 4.2) is caused by not sufficient power supply (I use USB Client SP).

So I am thinking of buying a USB Client DP Module as someone suggested that it can supply more power and might be the problem will disappear.

Now my question is : since D means dual, then I suppose that I need to plug in USB cable AND the Power Jack in order to get the performance. But after searing for the power jack on GHI website, I haven’t found any products and do not know what size and voltage etc. I need to use.

So please point me the right direction

Yes, you need to add an additional power supply.
Without it, the DP is the same as the SP.

The voltage can be anything between 7V and 30V.
The GHI catalog says:


You could also disconnect all modules for the update and try again with the Client SP.
Might work.

A powered USB hub solves most problems

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -
Hi RO, thank you very much for your reply.

Regarding to your answer, I have 2 questions:

  1. From where can I get a power supply which is between 7V to 30V?
    Please correct me if I am wrong, as far as I know, the home-use power is 220V, and PC USB should be 5V. So I do not know how to get that kind of power supply.

  2. (I am glad that if my super-beginner questions make you laugh ;D)Could you please post a direct link of the “typical power pack with 2.1mm barrel jack connector”?

I guess quoted part should be 2 items, one is power pack which is a power bank?
Another one is the “2.1mm barrel jack connector”?

For the 1st one, it could be this: DC BARREL JACK ADAPTER - MALE
PRT-10287 (DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Male (SparkFun PRT-10287) | Little Bird)

For the 2nd one, what I found is :DC BARREL POWER JACK/CONNECTOR
PRT-00119 (Dc Barrels Australia | Little Bird Australia)

But I cannot see how to connect them(include DP module, power jack and the connector), because the Power Jack only has one interface(or so call it head?) which can plug in the socket on the DP, but the connector needs its interface as well.

I am grateful if you could explain this to me.

Thank you very much.

Hi Gus, thank you for your reply.

Could you please have a look my questions in regard to RO’s post?

Thank you !

Just get a regular power supply (like the left thingy in the picture).
It coverts AC power to DC. You can get them for different output voltage and wit hdifferent connectors.
If you’re not sure, get one with adjustable output voltage and exchangeable barrel connector. Couldn’t find a good one in the e shop you had links from.

Thanks a lot mate, I feel much clear now :slight_smile:

Hi RO, btw, could you please sent me the url of the product you found for me?
I am thinking of buying now.

Thank you

You mean the power supply? I wrote I could not find one on the shop you posted a link to.
Since I don’t know where to buy in Australia, I can hardly send you something.
But this:

should do it for example.

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I suppose you could be in Australia but that would mean posting between midnight and 3:30 on Saturday night. If you are, jaycar is your best source, or dick smith electronics. Or ebay, but that’s going to take time. (this is a good reason to fill out your profile and tell us where you are :slight_smile: )

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I assumed Australia because the shop franva posted links to is located in Australia.

yes, but sometimes that’s not enough because people do just find links to things from search engines :slight_smile:

There’s another thread that says they are in Melbourne, so the assumption is good. Hopefully a quick trip to Jaycar on a Sunday morning will help :slight_smile:

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Well I think Melbourne would be nice on a Sunday morning, but I don’t want to buy it for franva :snooty:

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Hi Brett,

I’m glad to know you as a warm hearted Australia based developer with great willingness to help others. I have updated my profile and I am based in Melbourne.

Thank you for telling those gadgets suppliers, I’ll search them.


No mate, I’ll do it myself, thx :slight_smile: