Trying SSL web server app on Fez Hydra but get socket exception


This is another go for a SSL web server app on a Gadgeteer board. (I found out the hard way that you can’t do this on a Mountaineer Ethernet Board due to memory limit).

I am using a Fez Hydra with all the latest packages.


I am trying the mdsn .net mf 4.2 sample for httpserver.
When I run the code I get a socket expection 10053.

This mdsn error code gives…
Software caused connection abort.
An established connection was aborted by the software in your host computer, possibly due to a data transmission time-out or protocol error.))

I 've even updated the SSL seed with MFDeploy.

Do I have all the necessary pacakges for a SSL web server? (Non-SSL web server works.)


@ andrew4096 -

As far as I know there are several implementations for SSL Http Client, but I never seen any example for SSL Server, and knowing that, I’m not sure it is implemented in NETMF 4.2…

I made a post on CodePlex to have some feedback :

@ andrew4096

SSL is currently not implemented in the Hydra Firmware. While Open SSL is capable of being implemented in Micro Framework, it will not currently be implemented on FEZ Hydra anytime soon.

@ Aron

Is it on th G120 ?

@ LouisCpro - Not according to latest Release Notes.

So if I need secure com over IP the only way is message encryption on pure tcp where transport level is not possible…

Or add your implementation since Hydra is OSHW.

But bot thé G120 :frowning:

[em]On G120, SSL is not implemented, we are still weighing the options on having feature vs available resources. A decisions will be made by next release. [/em]

Hopefully the decision will be - “yes”. :wink:

On G120 it is not there but we are adding it. Actually, this is top priority. So far, we are facing some difficulties.

On Hydra, this is open source product and this is an option that a customer can add if they need to. We may add it standard down the road if time allows and there is enough commercial interest.

I am confused about that SSL support, I thought Hydra or G120 would support it. Which product, if any, support SSL server, maybe the Fez Spider, it is not OSHW? The EMX user manual says SSL support is there,is it limited to client only or server is also supported?

It is also the case for emx and chipworkx, but for the last, only in 4.1 !

Moreover it is not really a support problem, but related to an udp implémentation problem in 4.2 sdk that is being corrected by ghi and will be released in few weeks (dixit Gus).
if i understood well…

@ andre.marschalek - Oups !

Nothing :wall:

I’m following several posts, and made a confusion between SSL and some about DPWS… Apologize !

@ Aron - Can you tell me which GHI products support SSL?

It seems that products that run with the Premium library support SSL. This includes Fez Spider and G120(in lib ver 4,1 apparently at least)

Want to evalute a board that is capable of running a https web server.

I already have the Mountaineer Ethernet board and now the Fez Hydra. Would like to eval on the Hydra but need firmware work before can dd SSL stuff, right?

Please recommond a board. Willing to do extra firmware dev work if you point in the direction and give an outline of work involved.