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Troubles Uploading Firmware; I have the Answer!


Hey guys,

I had someone it chat that couldn’t patch out their firmware even following the directions from GHI to the letter. Why? UAC. UAC is the devil; so if you’re running VISTA or Windows 7 do this:

Right-Click TeraTerm, select Run As Administrator

It will now work. :smiley:


Have Windows 7 here. Did not run into that issue yet. Wonder what the difference is?


I have UAC turned off. Are there some users who have it running and can confirm (or bust) that UAC is the cause?


UAC is not the problem here folks. I live on UAC, and this has NEVER been an issue, betas and full releases.

I dispute the “devil” statement, but I’ll forgive you once skewworks :wink:


Has this been tested on LIMITED accounts?