Trouble with Mountaineer Ethernet Mainboard and UseDHCP method

Hi all!

In these days I’m working with Mountaineer Ethernet Mainboard and I have a problem with the Ethernet port. I’m using .NET Micro Framework 4.2 QFE1.

When I call the UseDHCP method on the ethernetForMountaineerEth module added in the Designer, the NetworkUp event is immediately raised, and the IsNetworkUp and IsNetworkConnected properties return both true. However, the ethernetForMountaineerEth.NetworkSettings.IPAddress property contains “”. The DHCP server on my network is working correctly, in fact I can use it with FEZ Spider with no problem.

If, on the other hand, I call UseStaticIP, everything works fine: I’m able to setup a web event and invoke it using a Web Browser.

So, what could be the cause of the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Marco,

we investigated the problem. It looks like the IsNetworkConnected property is not yet implemented, and the UseDHCP() function does not work. The board actually gets an IP Address through DHCP, but loses it when UseDHCP() is called, apparently because of the RenewDchpLease() function. This is not a Gadgeteer problem and can be reproduced with a plain NETMF application, calling RenewDhcpLease() directly.

Does it work when you remove the call to UseDHCP? DHCP itself should work, we had no problems with it so far.

Or could you work with static IP addresses for the time being?



Thank you for the answer.

Yes, I can work with static IP with no problem.

I have asked about the issue because, as I promised you, I’m writing some reviews that will be published on, so I need to know what was the origin of the problem, to understand if it was my mistake.

I’m facing the same issue and even the MAC address of my board was different that the one printed on the stick.

There is any resolution of the problem? I need to be able to switch by DHCP and static address!

The MAC address must be set using mfdeploy.

I have observed with the Mountaineer that it grabs a dynamic IP without having to call UseDCHP.

I observe similar issues in that the NetworkUp and NetworkDown events are fired at odd times, so I avoid using them.