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Trossenrobotics - Competition


Hi Peeps,

Just thought I’d give everyone a bit of a heads up that there is a competition over at trossenrobotics. BTW, I am not affiliated with these guys in anyway or anyone else for that matter, I’m just a guy who loves electronics and programming.

I think it will be a good opportunity to show them what FEZ is all about, and how we can do things better. From what I can see they sell everything but FEZ components, WTF!!!

Good luck ladies and gents.


Yep saw this yesterday. IT should be some real stiff competition. They have great entries every time they do it. Of course with a 1500 dollar prize i can understand why.


Anyone have contacts there to ask them for carrying FEZ?


They are pretty much a by the book company. Any inside contact would not be able to pull rabbit out of hat per say. They have been around quite a while and a prime resource for robotic stuff. With that in mind this is how they do vendor setup.


The prices are very cool :o


I might enter with RWAR if I can get the math sorted out soon enough… I already have all the hardware, I’m just waiting on the math!


Yeah Foekie i would kill for the Hexapod they offer as the prize. Most of that cost is in the servos alone. 45 Bucks a pop can get expensive with 3 per leg. 1080 to be exact. I have a few ideas for entry just not sure they would be up to snuff with what has won with previous entries. Can not hurt trying though.


I would try if I were you :slight_smile:


Oh man - that K-9 bot FTW! Seriously, that is classic! I want.

Maybe I can put an enclosure around the SNAAP like that. :slight_smile:


Greg, I thought it was SSNAP…? When did it the extra S get nixed in favor of the extra A? :smiley:


It was SSNAAP, but I dropped the first “S” (of “Swift” fame) since “Self-Navigating Autonomous Analysis Platform” was sufficient.

I may change it to “WFR” for “Wicked Fast Robot” (pronounced “Whiffer”). :wink: Especially after the last speed run. (kidding - I kind of like SNAAP)