TriState Port

Hi guys,

I have an open source 5v input with 100k ohm stiffness - I’m trying to interface it with a tristate port, however even with resistor.pullupmode.disabled the micro is still way too stiff, meaning the input floats around 3.38V.

Any way to get the input to swing closer to 5v?

(Input is from the point of view of the other device, not the micro)

And yes I could increase the stiffness of the input, but I wanted to see if there are any different ways. If not, how stiff is the micro output with pullups disabled? (Or enabled, whatever is less stiff)

The CPU chip is a 3.3V device. You are not going to get 5V out unless you use a level converter.

The input is an open source. When the tristate port is set to HiZ, it should go up to 5v, but by the looks of it it’s too stiff.